Thanksgiving Preparations

This Thanksgiving we will have the pleasure of having three little treasures joining us for the holiday break. Their foster family is traveling to visit family themselves, and we’re more than happy to absorb them into our brood for the week.

First, I asked everyone in my extended family if we could host the Thanksgiving meal this year. We need to maintain consistency for our guests and everything at our house is already childproofed! My brother was fine with that (they are expecting their second child) and my sister responded, “Yes, please!”

While I’m excited about it, there are arrangements to be made that will make things go more smoothly for everyone–these little ones in particular–but for my own children as well. The kiddos are young so we always try to greet them warmly with a small gift like a stuffed animal. With young children sometimes it’s helpful when they aren’t attached to you and need a cuddle. Picking something out for each of them helps my own children to look forward to meeting them and helping prepare the bedroom space for them. They like helping care for them and get excited to show them our toys.

So, we do have a Thanksgiving meal to plan, but more importantly, I’m thankful that we are able to take on the responsibility of caring for these little ones and sharing our love with them during the holiday.

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