Family of Nine

New Beginnings

It’s official!  We became a family of nine today after the long awaited arrival of three little darlings needing a foster home.  This was a planned move, but due to new regulations in our state we had to be re-fingerprinted and our information uploaded into the new data system. Forty-six long days later and they are finally with us!

We had already established a relationship with these children over the past year.  We had provided respite care for the previous family and the kids attend school in the same district in which I work.  To say that it was important to us that they be able to maintain consistency by remaining in their home school district and with their friends is an understatement!  On a more personal level, though, it’s hard not to fall in love with these kids. But in my opinion, if you don’t love them you’re not doing it right.

While the kids will miss the family that was their short term placement, they are excited to be here, knowing that they will continue to have visits with the previous family.  Our families will trade roles by making this home and the previous family would like to be involved as grandparent figures.  A win-win situation.

How did the kids handle the first day?  M. said that it’s like a sleep over–but we don’t have to leave!  When we said prayers she wanted to pray for a forever home.    My daughter prayed that it would be ours.

Between our two families and the teachers and staff at their school, these children have a lot of people who love and care for them!

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