Nurture Important Relationships

As I sit by my mom’s bedside I’m reminded of how important it is to invest in our relationships with the ones we love on a regular basis.  Don’t wait until someone is ill to call on them.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask how someone is doing.  Sometimes we take the people in our everyday lives for granted.  We go on doing what we always do, going where we always go, and just keeping the routine.

What if we are intentional with our relationships each day?  Call someone who means a lot to you and isn’t in your daily life.  Reconnect with that loved one who meant so much to you as you were going through a tough time.  Send a card to someone just to say that you’re thinking of them.  You won’t regret the time and effort it took to reach out.  They may appreciate it more than you know.

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